About Mavi 

When the denim company started, Mavi has grown over to a fashion and lifestylemark over time. Our products go far beyond the simple jeans. Denimof course inFocus, including non-denim products we have in our assortment. 

Mavi is divided into three segments: Young Fashion Women, Uptown Womenand men. Within the three collections, Mavi creates individual jeanty types for fashion-conscious women and men, with a sense of trends and expertise in denim and fitting. 


Young Fashion Women 

The Young Fashion Women segment moves the lifestyle of the Millennials and Generation Z to the center: carefree, unfiltered and ambitious! It defines itMavisDevotion to redesign the design for the new era as well as future epochs, generations and trends again and again. Light, fresh, teen,Maviterran- These are the essences of the young ladies collection. Embodied. 


The men's collection serves the expression of one's own personality to reflect the character authentic and at the same time self-confidently to the outside. Variety, authenticity and a certain coolness are the "A and O" of the Men collection. For men, the current trends mainly mean casual-comfortable urban fashion with sporty influences. 

Uptown Women 

Mavi Uptown, above all, offers fit forms that are specially developed for the needs of women with female forms. The feminins, modernCuts, a higher challengedGroveand the mavi-typicalPerfectFit flattering the curvy figure. The UPTOWN customer likes it high quality and attaches great importance to wearing comfort and feel-good warranty. 

Global brand 

Mavi has Flagship Stores worldwide, including one in Germany (Berlin). 

All stores appear in the so-called "Maviterranean"Spirit. The Store Interior is designed in the colors of turquoise and white as well as in light wood. 

Next to the "MaviterraneanTouch "forms theMavi Denim KitchenA highlight in the stores. In addition to its own stores, MAVI currently serves around 1,100 dealers in the German-speaking area. 

In addition, Mavi currently has 148 shop-in-store in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Important SIS customers are among other thingsPeek & Cloppenburg, Breuninger, Wöhrl, Sense of Leffers,BaltzandAppelrath & Cüpper. The shop-in-shop concept is designed according to segment. 

With the concept "The design makes the product to the brand", Mavi cooperated with designers and consultants from all over the world and has a multi-cultural design team in Istanbul. The most famous and most successful jeans designer, "The godfather of denim"Adriano Goldsmith, the queen of the bestFits VenuciadeRussias well as Rifat Özbek, the first jeans collection with MaviDesigned, as well as HusseinChalayanFor the first time, a collection designed together with a Turkish label are only three of the world-famous designers with which Mavi has already worked. 

AmazingFashion needs great brand ambassadors. Mavi has been working together with global sizes, which embody the international spirit of the fire: photographers, influencers, artists, fashion designers and top models - they all enrich themthe fireand become part of Mavi. 

In addition, Campania also increase, such as#Moveinmavi The viral presencefrom Mavi 

Vision and basic values 

Mavi'sPhilosophy is a brand around thePerfectFit"Build and mediterranean feeling in terms of fashion and detail. 

Maviterranean"Is exotic, inspiring and contemporary. Mavi means" blue "in Turkish. Mavi is also characterized by its positive, open-minded and diverse way. 

Mavi'smost importantvaluesaregood qualityand high standards for all products.innovationEspecially in terms of customer requirements and trends to recognize.Mavi's PassionIt is to work customer-oriented and sell excellent products.sincerityFor the purposes of promise to hold against customers, employees and managing directors. And finallyrespectCompared to the different cultures and also with each other. 

ThemissionFrom Mavi it ​​is the customer oneExceptional experienceto create. In addition, the employees and customerstrustand theloyaltyto offer